Tuesday, 20th October 2020

Information Systems

Adasa is unique because it combines deep specialisation in ICT technologies and broad knowledge of the water and environmental sectors.

The Information Systems area focuses on design and development and/or integration of systems to solve the specific problems faced by water and environmental authorities, such as measurement & modelling, monitoring and control, optimising infrastructure investment and operations, data management, asset management, regulatory reporting and the increasing demands of customers.

The services offered by this area are defined on the basis of the experience and know-how accumulated over years developing technical information systems oriented at these sectors and applying the most advanced ICT technologies.

The model of service offered by Adasa in this field is based on the combination of two well-distinguished knowledge areas: a deep and extensive knowledge of the water and environmental sectors, as a result of a large number of projects developed in this field over the years, and an intense technological specialisation in the main areas of ICT. Adasa’s solutions cover the full spectrum of project cycle including consulting, design, development and implementation through to subsequent maintenance and operation.

At present, Adasa focuses its strategy on mastering some of the diverse technological fields of ICT, in particular:

  • Dataloggers, PLCs & RTUs integration
  • Corporate communication systems
  • Control centres: monitoring and SCADA systems
  • Business Intelligence
  • GIS - Geographic Information Systems
  • Remote sensing
  • Web / Browser applications
  • Integration of operational forecasting and analysis models
  • BPM: management by processes, workflow systems, and document management
  • Integration of mobility technologies (GPS, etc.)

Adasa´s innovative nature is reflected in each of the implanted solutions, guaranteeing the quality, interoperability, standardisation and scalability of all its solutions.

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is an approach developed for the improvement and appraisal of software product and system and development processes, and the Information Systems Department has the Level 2 CMMI – DEV 1.2 accreditation awarded by the SEI (Software Engineering  Institute). Together with the application of international standards in the various technological fields and the cooperation and support of organizations of recognized prestige in the world, this accreditation enables Adasa to guarantee implementation of the best solutions and the integration of high added-value technological tools.

With a view to meeting the challenge of high service and innovation commitments and aware of the need to evolve in order to adapt to the growth experienced in recent years, the area of information systems permanently encourages strategic, organisational, human resources, and process improvement initiatives.

The high level of professional qualification and motivation of its team facilitates coverage of a wide range of functional fields and technologies, demonstrated by these certifications: ITIL, PMP, JAVA, Microsoft, Oracle, Archestra, GIS, Microstrategy, Business Object.

The information systems area is currently organised into three separate areas to cover the requirements of its firm commitments:

  • BSI (Business Solutions Innovation) - Area focused on the systematic management of innovation initiatives and on institutional relations with strategic partners.
  • BSO (Business Solutions Operations) - This area´s key functions are directly related to the life cycle of prospecting, pre-sales and developing information systems. It is mainly involved in managing project consulting, development, and implantation.
  • BPS (Business Process Support) - Area focused on system maintenance services and outsourcing