Sunday, 25th October 2020

Automation and Control Systems

Adasa has extensive and noteworthy experience in automation and control systems applied to hydraulic infrastructures which confirm and accredit its leadership.

Adasa’s Automation and Control Systems area provides specific knowledge and experience in adapting systems to the particular requirements of each installation, including electrical engineering, its associated process instrumentation, automation and control systems and communication systems. These activities are included within the context of hydraulic works such as sewerage systems, storm tanks, waste water treatment plants, dams, drinking water treatment plants, seawater desalination plants, water distribution and supply networks and irrigation systems.

Adasa offers high added value in the design and development of control centres, equipping them with advanced operational help systems that in addition to the usual tasks of supervision, remote control, and alarms management, allows others such as global management of the infrastructures, telemaintenance or management by indicators.

Adasa’s notable experience, characterised by the use of the latest technologies and collaborations with the most prestigious and qualified technological partners, reflects the primary goal of managing, maintaining and conserving the installations and systems in optimum functioning and operational conditions, guaranteeing the efficiency of the service.