Sunday, 25th October 2020


Adasa offers the latest technologies and wide experience in developing hydrological warning and management systems, and has a widespread implantation in the integral management of dams and reservoirs.

Optimising resources, which is particularly important during periods of drought, and helping to prevent damage caused by floods or rises in water levels are some possible activities thanks to the implementation of multidisciplinary technologies such as the automatic hydrological information systems which for years have been developed by Adasa’s Hydrology area.

The technological development of systems for the acquisition, transmission, storage and management of hydrological data currently makes available open tools for optimising the management of hydrological resources in a hydrographical basin, as well as for the functioning of each dam in particular.

Adasa is a leader in the implantation of emergency plans for dams in accordance with current norms, and broadcasting them to the population.