Sunday, 25th October 2020

Environmental Quality

Adasa supplies the most innovative technologies and responds to the most demanding objectives of environmental management.

The Quality of the Environment area designs, supplies, implants, commissions, manages, operates and maintains environmental warning and control networks, mainly in the integral water cycle, meteorology and air quality sectors.

One of Adasa’s distinct competitive advantages is its capacity to integrate solutions, as well as to design and manufacture its own equipment, guaranteeing total competitiveness and the effectiveness of implanted systems.

Adasa makes an important contribution to operating and managing water through implanting control networks that permit information to be obtained and the parameters indicating their quality and quantity to be monitored regularly.

Also, Adasa’s wide experience in the sector, together with its technical and legal knowledge, makes it a reference company in networks for the surveillance of air pollution, regarding emissions as well as immissions, and in the implantation of solutions applied to the meteorology sector.