Tuesday, 17th September 2019

Canal de Isabel II Control Centre (Spain)

Canal de Isabel II

Areas of Activity: Automation and Control Systems, Information Systems

Sectors of Operation: Water Supply



The water authority Canal de Isabel II (CYII) has a control centre which centralizes the data from a large number of remote stations scattered throughout the province of Madrid. There are various types of station: dams, drinking water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, pumping stations, etc.

The information corresponding to 4,500 analogue signal detectors (pressure, flow, water level, water quality parameters, etc.) and digital signal detectors (valve or sluice status, level detectors, etc.).

In addition, the scope of the project included modernization and improvement of the communications system. Initially, CYII's communications system was based on Siemens SINAUT, and the protocol was changed: Siemens launched SINAUT IP, with greater possibilities.

A new SCADA was also included in WINCC to manage the SINAUT communications run on S7CC. This increases the system's capacity, especially when it comes to detection and correction of network failures. The system was designed to co-exist with all existing controllers and protocols.